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Pet Grooming

Even though we currently do not offer our grooming services at the Graylyn Crest location, we offer a variety of unique grooming packages at our Windcrest, Hockessin, and Centreville locations. From basic cuts and thorough brush outs to bathing and shedding treatment, we guarantee to make your pet look and feel its best!

Our professional pet grooming services make every day spa day for your pet! Besides the obvious benefits to appearance, did you know grooming is also good for your pet’s overall health? Read on to learn more about our pet grooming services.

Perks Of Pet Grooming:

  • Less chance of fur matting
  • Adds to your pet’s overall comfort socially
  • Increases circulation
  • Improves skin health
  • Prevents skin and nail infections
  • Prevents nail-related medical and safety issues
  • Promotes healthier anal glands
  • Helps reduce dander in your home

To learn more about our grooming and bathing services and pricing, contact us today and set up your pet’s spa appointment today!

Graylyn Crest Animal Hospital

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