February is National Pet Dental Health Month!

Join us during the month of February and celebrate National Dental Month at all 5 of our locations! Anytime one of our veterinarians recommends a dental procedure for your pet and you schedule it to be done within 2 weeks of your appointment, you will get a 10% discount on the procedure.

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A common question we hear is “Why should I have a dental done for my pet, when I have him/her seen by my vet yearly?”

A thorough evaluation of your pet’s mouth can be difficult without anesthesia. Once under anesthesia, the doctor will be able to thoroughly evaluate your pet’s mouth, make a proper diagnosis, and decide the best approach for treatment of any abnormal findings.

Our Dentals involve more than just a cleaning:

  • Cleaning (ultrasonic, hand scaling, sub gingival curettage, and root planing)
  • Probing- measurement of periodontal pockets and exploration for abnormalities; i.e. fractures, lesions and abscesses
  • Check teeth alignment and inspect for missing or misplaced teeth
  • Dental Radiographsgives the doctor the ability to evaluate the condition of a tooth’s root(s);
    • The ability to see what is going on where we are not able to see just by looking at the outside of the tooth
    • The ability to make a proper diagnosis of a tooth’s problem (i.e. degree of bone loss, abscess, cavity, root and pulp abnormalities, etc…)
    • The ability to make the best decision for treatment of a tooth’s problem
    • The ability to make the decision as to whether or not a tooth has the possibility of being saved instead of being extracted.

    Did you know that the disease most commonly known to cause problems in other areas of your pet’s body, including the heart, liver, kidneys and lungs, is periodontal disease? When tartar builds up on the teeth, bacteria can be released into the bloodstream and begin to cause damage to these vital organs.
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    Valentine Dangers for Pets

    Valentine’s Day is a day for loving, caring and giving. But did you know that some items given to loved ones on Valentine’s Day can be dangerous for our pets? Click here to learn more.

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